Web Solutions - Document Conversion

Imatics is a specialized Web solutions contractor operating since 1996 in Ottawa - specializing in Federal Government Services and Document Conversion. We offer a wide range of services to Federal Government organizations and business.

Federal Government Services / Document Conversion

  • Supplementary support of websites for Departments and Agencies with existing in-house capabilities needing routine turn-around.
  • Document conversion and coding (anything to HTML5) on a deliverable fixed price basis.
  • WCAG 2.0 compliance.
  • Site conversion to WET4.0.
  • Development of custom tools and techniques
  • New! Conversion into / AEM ready code
  • New! WRI / AEM migration to site - we have done it! This includes pre and post migration optimization and everything surrounding onboarding.

Business Services

  • Hosting and Maintenance of Business websites
  • Integration of Web with Social Media and on-line services including Facebook, Twitter and Google apps
  • Delivery of rich content to both the desktop / laptop (full-screen) and mobile (small screen) environments

Please take a look at our Client List and our Portfolio for our references.

For more information on how we can serve you, please see our Services page.

What Makes Us Different?

We make sure you have what you need without wasting time on fads and frills. True - standards and the expectations of the online community are constantly evolving and it seems the demands are changing daily - but not everything needs to be part of your online presence. We help you make the right choices. Our approach is to make sure that your website is fully functional, complies with today's standards and incorporates today's widely accepted features.

In short, Imatics delivers Essential Web Solutions!